Overstock Shoes Truckload

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Overstock Shoes Truckload

Discountsliquidationspallet is a direct liquidator of Merchandise from Amazon. This Shoes Liquidation is Filled on pallets. Each Pallet will have a nice variety of Brands, Sizes, & Styles for Men, Women & Children.


These are shipped Directly from the Liquidation Distribution Center in GA. Expect a nice mix of sneakers and shoes & accessories for all ages.


Mix of Boxed Shoes and Shoes in Bags, These Trucks are Super Clean & Ready to Sell. These Truckloads are great to sell these items on eBay and Amazon and especially great for Export. Expect great brands, great quality and great products.


Each Truckload will have 22-24 Pallets. These loads have approximately 5000-7000 pairs of shoes per truckload. These are perfect for auctions, export, flea markets, eBay and swap meets or for export.


These Truckloads have a huge variety of sizes, brands and styles. Huge variety of items for Men. Women and Kids. Ships Fast.


Buy Overstock pallet of shoes for sale Truckload

Amazon merchandise is directly liquidated by Department Store Liquidations. Pallets are used to fill this shoe liquidation sale. Men’s, women’s, and children’s brands, sizes, and styles will all be nicely varied in each pallet.

Direct shipments are made from the Georgia Liquidation Distribution Center. You can anticipate a great selection of shoes and accessories for every age group.

Pallet of shoes for sale with a combination of boxed and bagged shoes, these trucks are immaculate and primed for sale. These truckloads are excellent for exporting and for selling goods on Amazon and eBay. Great products, brands, and quality are what to anticipate.

There will be 22–24 pallets per truckload. Each truckload of these shipments contains between 5000–7000 pairs of shoes. These are ideal for swap meets, eBay, export, flea markets, and auctions.

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