• Arcade1Up Star Wars Digital PinballArcade1Up Star Wars Digital Pinball

    Arcade1Up Star Wars Digital PinballArcade1Up Star Wars Digital Pinball


    Immerse yourself in the future of at-home arcade gaming with Arcade1Up’s Digital Pinball. Journey into the iconic Star Wars™ universe as captivating storytelling, authentic pinball action, and stunning visuals come together in this thrilling collaboration between Arcade1Up, Disney, and Zen Studios.


    Experience the excitement of 10 epic Star Wars™ digital pinball games, featuring titles from both the original trilogy and the modern era. Zen Studios, renowned for their expertise in digital pinball, has carefully curated a diverse selection of retro and modern games to cater to every gaming preference.


    Arcade1Up’s Digital Pinball takes your gaming setup to new heights with innovative features. Enjoy the immersive gameplay with haptic touch flippers that provide real feel flipper feedback. The Playfield Knockers utilize Solenoid Modules to deliver playfield ball feedback, enhancing the realism of your pinball experience. Engage in precision control with real feel tilt and nudge, and marvel at the captivating light-up back glass and dual speakers with metal grills.


    Experience the thrill of launching the ball with the real working plunger, adding an extra layer of authenticity to your gameplay. Let the power of the force guide your pinball skills as you bring the magic of Star Wars™ right into the heart of your home.


    Elevate your home entertainment with Arcade1Up’s Digital Pinball and embark on an extraordinary gaming adventure. With immersive features and a galaxy of Star Wars™ excitement, this arcade machine delivers an unparalleled pinball experience that will transport you to a world far, far away. MAY THE PINBALL FORCE BE WITH YOU!







    Haptic Touch Flippers with Real Feel Flipper Feedback


    2 Playfield Knockers (Utilizing Solenoid Modules for Playfield Ball Feedback)


    Real Feel Tilt and Nudge


    Light Up Back Glass


    Dual Speakers with metal grills


    Real Working Plunger





    Games Included:


    Boba Fett


    A New Hope


    Ahch-To Island


    Battle of Mimban


    Darth Vadar


    Masters of the Force


    Star Wars: Rebels


    Han Solo


    The Force Awakens


    The Empire Strikes Back

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